Kansas City Snaps: Round World, Student Fear & Ukraine End Game

Right now a healthy snap shared by DJ, biz lady & hottie Sommer inspires our news look to start the week as we check pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Flightless Captive Stays Winning

Kansas City Zoo penguin selected in global competition

A penguin at the Kansas City Zoo is being globally recognized for his inspiring story of survival.

Checkout Local Discount Tech

Kansas City-area library offers dozens of new Chromebooks to checkout

A Kansas City-area library branch has 120 new Chromebooks available to check out and take home.

Drive Carefully Today

8 injured, 1 critically in overturned vehicle crash in KCK

8 people were injured in Kansas City, Kansas on Sunday night, after two vehicles crashed at an intersection at North 11th Street and Parallel Parkway.

Wildcat Tribute After Tragedy

Former K-State, Manhattan High football player dies at 29

A Manhattan High School graduate and former K-State football player died on Saturday.

Focus Group Followup

Have their political views changed in 2 years?

In 2022, KCUR brought together a politically diverse group of people to share their views on election issues and politics. It's 2024. Where are they now?

Fashion Preview This Season

Sommer Ray Has The Internet Drooling With Her Stunning Bikini Photos

Sommer Ray takes a dip in the ocean while flaunting her insanely toned body and perky assets in a tiny bikini!

Prez Offers Earthly Payout

On Earth Day, Biden is launching a new site to apply for Climate Corps jobs

President Biden has been trying to get young voters excited about his 2024 reelection bid, even though polls show they're disappointed with some of his policies.

World Takes MAGA Seriously

Some Trump chats with foreign leaders annoy Biden's team

One recent meeting - between Trump and Javier Milei, Argentina's right-wing president - seems to have particularly irritated Biden's team.

Clap Back Against White House Tall Tales

Papua New Guinea's Leader Rejects Biden's Suggestion His Uncle Was Eaten By 'Cannibals': 'My Country Does Not Deserve To Be Labeled As Such'

At a war memorial last week, President Joe Biden implied his uncle, a World War 2 pilot who was shot down over Papua New Guinea, may have been eaten by cannibals.

European Conclusion Debated

Russia says US support for Ukraine will end as 'humiliating fiasco' like 'Vietnam and Afghanistan'

The Kremlin warned that American support for Ukraine could turn into a decade-long folly, urging the U.S. to not oppose its invasion of the country as Congress appears set to pass a $60 billion aid package. The aid deal comes after months of negotiations, with support for Ukraine wavering among American conservatives as the Russian...

Dire Warning Amid Protest

'Antisemitism and anarchy': Rabbi urges Jewish students to leave Columbia for their safety

Rabbi Elie Buechler recommended students stay away from the university until safety conditions have improved substantially amid heated Gaza protests.

Wife Shares Nasty Adventures

My husband is my co-parent, friend and lover - but he isn't the only person I have sex with: the inside story of an open marriage

I used to think open relationships were a recipe for heartbreak - or just a bit tacky. Then we began to experiment. Could seeing other people be the secret to a happy home life?

Old School Local Fashion Rules

Eat & Drink While You Shop At This New Vintage Boutique

Andrea Marie Boswell-Burns knows what you crave while shopping - retro-themed pastries and craft cocktails. At her new pop-up vintage boutique, Hula Hoop, you can indulge in both these things for an "immersive" shopping experience. "I love to shop, I love a fancy cocktail and I love a party," states Boswell-Burns in a press release.

Weather Right Now . . . 

FIRST WARN FORECAST: Warmer and windy Monday with gusts up to 35 mph

Before we get late week, it looks warmer and windy Monday with gusts up to 35 mph and highs near 70.

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