Kansas City Long COVID Cont'd?!?

Even in 2024, the latest global pandemic remains a VERY REAL concern for those who are immunocompromised, old school or have other health issues. 

Bright side for the late night . . . We notice even the most conservative Kansas City denizen allows more than a bit of grace for those who must still wear face masks to protect their health and their loved ones.

Here's a report that deserves a peek amid so much bad health advice on the Internets . . .

"We need to continue this conversation about long COVID, even if people are tired of talking about it," Jenna Hopkins, an occupational therapist at University Health said.

Hopkins has worked with about 150 Long Covid patients at University Health since March of 2021.

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University Health Long Covid treatment proving successful for some patients

A University Health occupational therapist says communities like Kansas City need to keep talking about long COVID.