Kansas City Gun Safety Training Proposed For Mayor's Nights

Amid a historic homicide rate and the rampant proliferation of guns on American streets . . . There's an upcoming & extremely interesting proposal to teach urban youth about dealing with firearms responsibly rather than allowing so many metro youngsters to walk around carrying hand cannons without any realization of the damage they can inflict.. 

"It's an idea we'll consider," said KCMO spokesman Charles Farley. "We're certainly open to anyone who wants to engage in a productive discussion about firearms safety."

Here's a look at the potential curriculum . . .

A Youth Rifle Basics -- This class is open to participants ages 11 to 15. Instructors will teach firearm operation and safety, including safe storage of guns. The class will include target shooting on the range with instructor supervision and assistance.

A BB Gun Fun class open to participants ages 8 to 11. A BB gun is often the first firearm a youth receives or encounters. This class will teach safety and shooting skills.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . . Given that it's no joke that some local youngsters are often VERY ENTHUSIASTIC about this kind of learning . . .

MDC offers free firearms safety and skills classes

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