Kansas City Glare: Tech, MLK, Funding & Busy Ballot 2024

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All Ur Friends Are Bots

How a local library is helping Kansas Citians navigate the world of social media and AI

Technologies like AI and social media are rapidly changing, impacting the content we consume and how we interact with each other. "Facing the Future," a series of talks at the Mid-Continent Public Library, aims to help Kansas Citians navigate them.

Newspaper Documents Civil Rights History

How the 'long and stormy' fight for Fair Housing Act took MLK to Kansas City, K-State | Opinion

At a speech in Manhattan, Martin Luther King Jr. warned that the only way to solve segregated housing "is through strong fair housing bills." Has it delivered on its promise? | Opinion

Cash Revival Coming Soon

District Row project likely to get funding from KC

The historic Western Baptist Bible College building at 22nd and Tracy could get $750,000 from Kansas City for renovations

Trick Shot Champs Earn EPIC Funding

Dude Perfect flips from YouTube to IRL with $100M investment from Kansas firm

With more than 16 billion views on their YouTube channel, 60 million subscribers, and major brand deals already established, the team behind the family-friendly sports and entertainment group Dude Perfect is poised for even greater impact with fans, said Jason Illian.

Baller Respect From Rapper

Patrick Mahomes gets another hip hop shout out, this time from his favorite artist

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes seems to be racking up shout outs from his favorite rap stars. Hip Hop artist J. Cole gives a nod to Mahomes in a song on his latest album.

Model Fashions More Clicks

Lindsey Pelas Wears Nothing Beneath Her Open Flannel Shirt

Bikini bombshell Lindsey Pelas is unbuttoned and braless beneath her open flannel shirt as she stuns from her bedroom.

White House Double Jeopardy

Biden could be left off Alabama general election ballot, state election official warns

Alabama's top elections official warned Tuesday that President Biden's name could be left off state ballots in November because his nomination to be the Democratic Party's standard-bearer won't be certified until after a key deadline.

Actually, It's Not All Bad Even According To Critics

Opinion | Trump's possible plan for Ukraine is almost too delusional to entertain. Almost.

Trump's reported "plan" to end the Russia-Ukraine war sounds delusional. But when it comes down to it, a diplomatic agreement that is "good enough" for both sides is one of the more realistic avenues to pursue.

Congress Lady Challenges MAGA Pro-Life Double Cross

Pelosi on Trump abortion statement: 'He either is stupid, or he thinks the rest of us are'

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in an interview early Tuesday blasted former President Trump, saying he is trying to appear moderate on the issue of abortion and suggesting his official position does not reflect any core "belief." "Well, first, let me say the issue about a woman's right to choose, it's a democracy issue.

Political Tell All Aftermath

Florida woman sentenced to a month in prison for theft of Ashley Biden's diary

Aimee Harris pleaded guilty in 2022 to a conspiracy charge.

Holy Land Uncertainty

Israel's Gaza withdrawal hints at what comes next

The unexpected pull-out could mark a new phase in the months-long war.

Reassurance From Another Diva

Gwen Stefani addresses Blake Shelton divorce rumors, working with No Doubt after motherhood

Gwen Stefani is addressing rumors that her and husband Blake Shelton are getting a divorce: "It's just lies. The truth is the truth."

Local Survival Supplies Emerge

Street Support KC hosts homeless outreach

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A slight chance of showers in the forecast for Wednesday

Clouds are growing in density on Tuesday and will continue to do so into tomorrow. Lows will drop into the 40s overnight.

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