Kansas City Fights 'Energy Efficiency' Rules Amid Housing Crisis

Just as critics warned . . . 

Expensive and cumbersome eco-rules passed last year by council dude Eric Bunch and the Council majority have basically KILLED the local home building market. 

Even worse, the restrictive legislation comes as rents spike, inflation worsens and the Spring/Summer "selling season" passes by so many locals hoping to find affordable housing.

Accordingly, here's hope at Northland push back as our TKC blog community notices climate activists gearing up to fight any kind of reform with little to no concern for workers desperately seeking a decent place to live. 

Here are the basics of the debate . . 

On Thursday, Kansas City Councilman Wes Rogers introduced a measure to streamline Kansas City’s permitting process.

According to Rogers, in the first quarter of 2024, the city only issued nine permits to build single family homes.

He says 85 permits are typically issued each month.

The Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City released numbers showing in the year from February 2023 to February 2024, single-family homes construction permits metro-wide increased 179 percent, while the same kind of permits decreased in Kansas City, Missouri by 74 percent in the same time frame.

“What we need to do is adapt and adjust and grow, and that's what we plan to do,” Rogers said.

Developing . .