Kansas City Defender Promises To 'Fully Investigate' Your Racism

Credit where it's due . . . 

We trust their pledge to level accusations of racism against anyone with whom they disagree.


"This election year is already shaping up to be highly contentious. Community morale for the presidential election is at an all-time low, and Kansas City is contending with issues like the recent Super Bowl Mass Shooting, a police department under federal investigation for racism and discrimination, an ongoing assault on trans and reproductive rights, and the need for reparations.

"Our coverage this year aims to fully investigate public officials in accordance with these issues by, both, holding candidates accountable to their actions in real-time, and fully analyzing how their running platforms will address the aforementioned and more. But, most notably, our coverage will share the work of organizers, community members and leaders building hope and Black futures beyond just one voting day."

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What to expect from The KC Defender's 2024 election coverage

Our 2024 election reporting will provide holistic coverage and analysis of Kansas City's democratic expression beyond the ballot box.