Kansas City Chiefs Baller Rashee Rice Admits He Was Driving Lamborghini After Crash

An important admission along with a statement revealing that he was taking responsibility for his action is an important step after reportedly leaving the scene.

Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt and HOPEFULLY this serves as a teachable moment for a young man with an exceptionally bright future.

Here's the latest . . .

Rice's attorney, Royce West, said during an afternoon press conference that Rice has answered every question asked to him by Dallas police, including if he was directly involved.

"Mr. Rice acknowledged that he was driving the Lamborghini, that was the question that was asked," West said. "He responded to that. That he was driving the Lamborghini."

On Wednesday, Rice apologized to those affected by a high-speed crash over the weekend in Dallas and said he takes “full responsibility for my part in this matter.”

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Kansas City Chiefs' Rashee Rice was driving the Lamborghini in high-speed Dallas crash, lawyer says

The wider receiver was behind the wheel of one of the luxury vehicles involved in a multi-vehicle collision on Saturday, his attorney told reporters.

Rashee Rice told police he was driving Lamborghini in hit-and-run car accident, lawyer says

Rashee Rice told police he was driving a Lamborghini Urus during a hit-and-run that sent two people to the hospital, per his lawyer Royce West.

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