Kansas City Artsy Space Guide Debuts

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With spots in the West Bottoms, North Hyde Park, and Kansas City, Kansas, among others, these artist-run spaces allow an affordable and accessible alternative to traditional galleries or museums.

Artist-run spaces are the lifeblood of any local scene because they focus on uplifting emerging, less-established talent, and connecting them with the public. They offer an opportunity to network with other professionals, including fellow creators, curators, gallerists, and writers.

It’s more than just a blank wall to hang a painting. Many artist-run spaces resemble studio complexes, combining galleries with theaters, public workshops, stores, and even mini art schools designed to engage the community.

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The best artist-run spaces in Kansas City

Artist-run spaces are a key part of the artistic ecosystem, beyond traditional galleries and museums. These spaces create opportunities for emerging and less-established artists to create, showcase, and network - and often provide more than just a blank wall to foster a diverse range of creators.