Kansas City 911 Still A Joke?!?

Recent efforts at improvement haven't really helped get locals that help they need any sooner. 

Here's a peek at the ongoing efforts:

Kansas City has taken some action to address long wait times. On Sunday, it rolled out an automatic 911 callback feature that returns calls to people who hung up before the call taker could answer.

Last year, call takers had to return more than 115,000 hang-ups. The new feature will automatically call back and confirm whether the person needs help or whether the call was an accident.

That could help cut the long wait times, but not much. In March, the hold time for an emergency call was 33 seconds — not quite as bad as it used to be, but still much longer than in neighboring municipalities.

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911 callers in Kansas City still can't get through, and the fix is a long way away

An automatic callback update goes live Sunday, but the much-touted auto attendant feature is still months and perhaps millions of dollars away.