Kansas Ballot Destruction Debated

As we approach another cataclysmic vote . . . Notice that elected officials are still arguing over 2020 wherein Kansas overwhelmingly picked Prez Trump and the current AG.

Here's a peek at the ongoing argument . . . 

"(Kansas AG) Kobach, who has built a reputation as a staunch opponent of voter fraud, has staked out a position that ballots that may be evidence should be preserved. Schwab, who oversees the state’s elections, maintains that absent a court order, Kansas law provides no authority for election officials to hang on to old ballots after their mandated destruction date."

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Kobach, Schwab opposed on destroying old Kansas ballots during criminal investigation

"Unchecked politicized action, especially if it becomes the subject of repeated public comments, undermines public confidence in both law enforcement and the election process," a Schwab aide wrote to Kobach's office.