Gateway Pundit Bust: Top Missouri Conservative Blog Bankrupt

This is a big deal for the Show-Me State political landscape. 

TGP eclipsed all other Missouri outlet with their deeply right-wing perspective and extremely conservative content. 

Metrics for the blog pushed it past mainstream newspapers and garnered a global audience.

Even better . . .

TGP did most of this by merely using an advertising model and political donations didn't come until later in their tenure . . . Still, most of their revenue was either reader supported or just plug-in tech available to anyone. 

No matter your side of the discourse . . . This media development should garner attention from anybody working in present-day publishing amid an increasingly partisan political landscape . . .

Jim Hoft published a message on the website that read, “TGP Communications, the parent company of The Gateway Pundit, recently made the decision to seek protection under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the Southern District of Florida as a result of the progressive liberal lawfare attacks against our media outlet.”

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The Gateway Pundit, Infamous Conspiracy Blog, Declares Bankruptcy After Suit From Election Workers

The founder of the Gateway Pundit, the infamous conspiracy theory site, announced on Wednesday that the company had declared bankruptcy.