Former Shawnee City Manager Doug Gerber Earns New Nearby Gig

We never liked the way this one went down . . .

The dude was obviously a victim of online betrayal BUT THEN was fired because so many suburban politicos are timid, judgemental, duplicitous and without compassion.  

Thankfully, the former city manager has earned another gig, garnered some support from a few members of council, didn't suffer much damage from the episode and seems to be happy to be moving forward . . .

In April, Doug Gerber was hired as the city’s finance director and assistant city manager. The hiring follows a 2023 controversy over a sexually explicit video involving Gerber that caused turmoil for Shawnee’s city government days before an election. Gerber was fired by Shawnee City Council in November 2023.

In a statement to the Johnson County Post, Mark Mathies, Edwardsville City Manager, wrote that Gerber was initially hired in February as a public management consultant.

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Nearby city hires Shawnee's former city manager Doug Gerber

A former Shawnee city manager who was fired after a sexually explicit video of him circulated city hall, has been hired by the City of Edwardsville, Kansas.