Cashill Considers Impact Of 'Education Refugees' In Johnson County

Kansas City's top conservative scribe offers his take on falling test scores that aren't just to blame on "migrants" from across the world . . . But many parents from school districts across the metro looking for refuge . . . Check-it:

At Shawnee Mission West, for instance, according to the Kansas Department of Education, only 33% of 10th-graders were rated “proficient” — meaning college and career ready — in English/Language Arts (ELA). For math, that figure was 20%.

West is hardly an outlier.

At Shawnee Mission South, the numbers were 37% for ELA and 30% for math — at Shawnee Mission Northwest, 37% and 31%. At Shawnee Mission East, the historic apple of the district’s eye, less than half the students tested proficient in math and barely half in ELA.

Do the parents know this?

I pick on Shawnee Mission for a reason. Close to the historic heart of Kansas City, it is the district Kansas City refugees have found least alien. Olathe? De Soto? You kidding? Lately, however, these folks have been taking the Santa Fe Trail to Blue Valley, which, I’m told, is now the district of choice in metro KC.

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