Will More Kansas City Police Patrols Save Country Club Plaza 2024?!?

We've heard the place is a wasteland on most days and there are now NEARLY TWO DOZEN VACANT STOREFRONTS in an iconic entertainment district that is struggling to restructure debt. 

In the meantime .  . . 

Here's the plan to provide more security ahead of another tumultuous election year . . .

Sergeant Phillip DiMartino has spent the last five years patrolling the Plaza and said they are putting more boots on the ground in the area, especially as the weather starts to warm up.

“The officers assigned to the area, when they’re not on calls, they’re going to provide extra patrols,” DiMartino said.

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Plaza business owners hoping for tighter security to revamp area

Some business owners at the Plaza hope for tighter security to revamp the area.