Will Kansas City Chiefs & Royals REALLY Leave If Question 1 FAILS?!?

From our perspective . . .

The answer is YES. 

Why . . .

Because corporations have an obligation to pursue profit. 

The Royals could make more cash in somewhere else . . . And countless cities throughout the nation would be MORE THAN HAPPY to host the Chiefs. 

Critics of the tax can argue that they don't want to be held hostage by the teams. That's a valid complaint but, if they're being honest, tax opponents must admit that the teams can and will leave to get a better deal. Attempting to negate that reality is an outright lie.

Moreover . . . 

WHEN BILLIONAIRES GIVE YOU A WARNING . . . BELIEVE IT. Arguing that voters have some kind of advantage against the teams and they "can't" leave simply ignores recent history.

In 1996 when the Cleveland Browns left town . . . Fans were COMPLETELY SHOCKED & CAUGHT OFF GUARD . . . KC should be more worldly and smart than the 2nd worst city in America

In the last ten years the Rams moved to LA, the Chargers moved and the Raiders relocated again to Vegas.

The teams have better lawyers and more money than JaxCo or KCMO and even their current contracts can't keep them here if they don't want to stay.

 Of course . . . 

More optimistic souls think otherwise and believe that "loyalty" or paper thin agreements bind billionaires . . . Here's a broke-ass writer for another online publication arguing as much:

"There is one region in the world where the Chiefs can maximize their business: the one they play in now. They will never, ever—ever, in a zillion years—leave the Kansas City area. They are not the other Missouri franchise, the Rams, that stopped over in St. Louis for 20 years before migrating back to a bigger market, Los Angeles, where it had previously spent half a century. And with the Rams and Chargers both taking up residence in Southern California again and the Raiders in Las Vegas, there just aren’t other American cities that lack an NFL team and would give the Chiefs the level of support they enjoy now. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is a third-generation oil scion who inherited the team. He may or may not have any personal business acumen. But he is smart enough to know he isn’t going anywhere."

Alternatively . . . 

Post saying, “Some people get it. Jim Rowland of the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority is one of those people: ‘Well, we’re in a pretty dicey position. While the teams have leases that require them to be in Jackson County…I think both teams will be questionable as if they remain in Kansas City & Jackson County.’”

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