Will AI Destroy Kansas City?!?

Probably . . . But not the way you think . . . Right now the biggest threat is for locals to die of boredom by way of a litany of press conferences promising "transformative" technology that has mostly been in use for years . . . Here's the latest example . . .

"Kansas City is emerging as a leader in these technological developments.

"However, there are widespread concerns that legislators may not be fully informed about how AI operates, as well as concerns about originality and security with AI-generated content. "

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Greater use of AI in Kansas City industries raises concern about originality and security

Artificial intelligence has been incorporated into the day-to-day work of many Kansas Citians. While it has the capacity to streamline tasks, cut costs and reduce the workload in mundane, repetitive tasks, AI's rapid development is heightening concerns about content originality, production and security.