Travis Kelce Offers Alternative Image Of Contemporary Manhood

Openly weeping and wearing Swiftie fashions isn't EXACTLY a "macho" practice but nobody doubts the enduring virility of the Kansas City's favorite champion baller.

And so . . .

Maybe Mr. Kelce's open displays of vulnerability provide everyone a chance to RECONSIDER how we define manhood for the NextGen. 

Whilst your dad & drunk uncle likely disagree and have a bevy of colorful phrases to describe this kind of behavior . . . We must all forge our own path no matter how light our loafers . . .

"The 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s friendship bracelet — which bore two T’s with a heart between them — could be seen when he wiped away tears as the center, 36, revealed he’d be hanging up his jersey, Entertainment Tonight reports."

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Travis Kelce wore Taylor Swift bracelet to brother Jason's retirement announcement

Travis Kelce on Monday sported a nod to girlfriend Taylor Swift as he and his family teared up as brother Jason announced his retirement from the Philadelphia Eagles.