TKC Told You So: Protesters Dominate Kansas City Budget Meetings

Credit to so many readers who have school'd us on this fact of life for years:

Kansas City Budget Meetings are mostly performative and don't REALLY provide a legit forum for neighborhood & taxpayer advocacy.

Confirming this fact of life . . . Here's a note from activist bloggers that's worth a read:

"More than merely a discussion about numbers; it was a collective push for transformative priorities in public safety and transit. Amid the current pivotal moment for the city, the hearing turned into a powerful plea for investment in community-led solutions and sustainable services."

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Packed Chambers at KC Budget Hearings: Community Members Demand R.E.A.C.H Program and Transit Improvements - Kansas City Defender

As Kansas City's contentious budget season continues, the spotlight falls on widespread support for the R.E.A.C.H program-a groundbreaking shift towards using community response teams instead of arrests-and the push for essential investments in public transit.