TKC Reader: Kansas City Chiefs Prove Correct After Tyreek Hill Trade

Credit to the denizens of our blog community who posses "eyes of the hawk" and have a knack for finding important news . . . It turns out we're a fan of hottie Sophie and subscribe to her social media goodness.

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TKC Reader: Can we now say the Chiefs knew what they were doing with Tyreek Hill?

"TKC, I don’t know if you saw this but former Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill is in more trouble again. This time getting sued by plus-size influencer Sophie Hall for battery, assault and negligence due to a broken leg she received at Hill’s property. Hall surprisingly has a following with 2.1 million followers on Instagram and 11k on YouTube.

"When Hill was traded to Miami, many thought the move was odd. Why trade one of the premier receivers in football? In the middle of the season many pundits thought Mahomes could have used Hill in KC as the Chiefs WR’s couldn’t catch a cold. Well with all of the scandals Hill has gone though in Miami it seems like KC knew what they were doing trading him.

"Hill seems like ticking time bomb that is closer to being out of the league in a few years. The Chiefs knew what they were doing."

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