Stand Up KC Activist Demands Assurances Ahead Of Stadium Vote

A recent conversation with a Kansas City union protest leader includes a great deal of tough talk whilst hinting that FOR THE RIGHT PRICE . . . These locals will offer their support to the very same billionaires they criticize. 

Fun fact . . . The top photo is our fair use retouch parody of an image from years ago that features the union leader protesting for higher wages outside of a Kansas City fast food restaurant. Voters might want to consider that Burger King subsequently shut down and isn't providing any employment or tasty Whoppers. 

Elections have consequences. 

Accordingly . . .

Check the not exactly inspiring but a practical perspective . .  .

Low-wage workers and those who are standing by their side are hoping to secure a strong community benefits agreement from the Kansas City Royals as the team pushes for a new downtown stadium.

"Our coalition has marked a line in the sand," Terrence Wise, a low-wage worker and activist with Stand Up KC and the Missouri Workers Center.

"We've given the Royals until March 19th to have something signed, ready and enforceable for folks to be able to go out and say 'I support this on April 2nd.' They've had over a year to come up with something. The ball is in John Sherman's court."

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Low-wage workers say Royals haven't earned their votes to build a downtown Kansas City ballpark

Low-wage workers and their allies are pushing for a strong community benefits agreement from the Royals as the team pursues a new stadium in the Crossroads neighborhood of downtown Kansas City. So far, they say the Royals don't have their vote.