Stadium Tax Question 1 Cash Conflict ALMOST Explained: 3 MIL Vs. 11K

To be fair . . . We aren't counting all of the dark money from KC Tenants.

Still . . .

On paper the differences in campaign funding offer the most objective preview of this fight and voters should consider the info before getting to worked up about this hot mess in the making:

The Royals and Chiefs each gave $1.5 million to their committee in $500,000 increments over the past several weeks. On top of that $3 million, the Royals separately gave $235,000 to five established campaign committees across the county for get-out-the-vote efforts as of Monday’s campaign finance reports . . .

"The Committee Against New Royals Stadium Taxes is only a little more than a month old and grew out of an 8,000-member Facebook group whose members question the need for a new Royals ballpark. The group had raised $11,511 as of Monday’s campaign finance report, mostly from small donations ranging from $10 to a few hundred dollars from more than 150 donors. Much of it was spent on printing and Facebook ads."

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KC Tenants and the Committee Against New Royals Stadium Taxes have a common goal, but different messages and tactics to turn out voters against the April 2 ballot question.

Records show Chiefs, Royals have committed $3 million to stadium sales tax election

Records from the Missouri Ethics Commission show the teams each contributed $500,000 last week to raise the total to $3 million.