Show-Me Sports Gambling Coming Soon?!?

Nicer weather ramps up petition drives . . . Here's a peek at the move which has support from Republicans, Democratic Party leaders and compulsive gamblers making bets on the side of the road. 

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After years of filibusters and failed attempts in the state legislature the state’s six professional franchises spearheaded an effort to get sports betting on the ballot through a petition drive. It’s being led by a coalition called Winning for Missouri Education.

“Winning for Missouri Education came together because we think it’s time for Missourians to act directly on this question,” campaign consultant Erin Schrimpf said.

Schrimpf pointed to 431,000 Missourians who tried to place bets in Missouri the weekend of the Super Bowl, a 51% increase from the year before. Of course many people in the Metro find ways around it with a short drive across the state line.

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Missouri sports betting initiative now odds-on favorite to be on November ballot

In a sea of blue outside Kauffman Stadium Thursday, there were people collecting signatures to legalize sports betting in Missouri.