Show-Me Prog Blog Comparing Planned Parenthood Lawsuit To Violent Crime

In fact . . . It's probably the EXACT OPPOSITE but the analogy demonstrates many abortion activists unwilling to debate the merits of their beliefs even if we might agree that some of the pro-life advocates can behave in a sketchy manner . . . Check-it:

"(AG) Bailey doesn’t actually believe the video shows evidence of “child trafficking” or he would have taken action when it came out three months ago.  Andrew Bailey has decided it is politically useful for him to aid and abet Project Veritas’ attempt to put crosshairs on abortion providers, despite the history of those metaphorical crosshairs becoming deadly literal."

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Missouri AG Andrew Bailey's new lawsuit is an endorsement of anti-abortion violence * Missouri Independent

The secretly filmed video of a young woman who works at a Missouri Planned Parenthood clinic ends with an image of crosshairs and a call to "Be Brave. Do Something." Project Veritas is a far-right organization that surreptitiously films employees of organizations that it opposes, deceptively edits the videos, and then uses them to direct [...]