Show-Me MSM Targeting Erin Hawley Again

Even for those who disagree . . . Arguing a case in front of the Supreme Court is a big deal and a career milestone. 

And so . . . We notice progressives rushing to smack down this lady . . . Sadly, we have to share the quote in order to illustrate the strategy but there's a couple of other news items at the bottom of the post that offer a bit more balance . . . Check-it:

"During Supreme Court arguments over the legality of the abortion pill, ADF used a favorite Republican trick to conceal misogynist intent: Have a lady say it. Erin Hawley was tapped to play the role of the snarling church lady pretending to "protect" the naughty sex-havers from having a say over their own bodies. Yep, that's the wife of Sen. Josh "Hauling A**" Hawley, R-Mo., infamous for cheering on Jan. 6 rioters before fleeing for his life after the insurrectionists breached the barricades around the Capitol."

Here's the kind of headline she deserves: 

WSJ: Erin Hawley Is the Brilliant Mind Who Fought the Abortion Pill Case at the Supreme Court

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Of course the lawyer trying to ban abortion pills is married to Josh "Run For Your Life" Hawley

Abortion pill case before the Supreme Court is the story of how GOP women build their careers by hurting women

Erin Hawley: The Woman Arguing Against the Abortion Pill

Erin Hawley, a law professor and wife of Senator Josh Hawley, is arguing the Supreme Court case.

The woman arguing to restrict the abortion pill in the U.S.

Erin Hawley, a lawyer and wife of Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, is arguing the case at the Supreme Court.

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