Show-Me Lucas Kunce Advert Challenging Sen. Hawley On IVF

It's almost a bit of a pro-life debate and worth a glimpse as election season starts to ramp up and pro-war progressives hope to push this Pentagon candidate . . . Check-it:

"Democrat Lucas Kunce, who hopes to take Hawley’s Senate seat in November, is launching a five-figure ad buy beginning Monday with a 30-second spot in which a Missouri mother describes having a baby after in vitro fertilization treatment and claims Hawley wouldn’t protect people’s right to the procedure. Hawley has previously denied taking that position."

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Missouri Democrat Debuts Ad Linking GOP Sen. Josh Hawley To Anti-IVF Efforts

It's a preview of a theme Democrats are likely to hammer in the 2024 election - even though Republicans say they support access to fertility treatments.