Show-Me GOP Ballot Fight Against Hater

The upshot here that's kinda downplayed by our progressive journalist friends . . . The Missouri GOP doesn't want any part of this guy and they're working to get him out of their ranks.

However . . .

They might not be working hard enough according to some critics . . . Check the latest . . .

But (Missouri SecState) Ashcroft, a Republican who is also running for governor, said he supported a lawsuit from the Missouri Republican Party that seeks to block the candidate, Darrell Leon McClanahan III, from the ballot.

Ashcroft told The Star on Friday that a 2014 court decision bars him from blocking McClanahan from the August ballot, saying he doesn’t “believe I should be judge, jury and executioner.”

“I think that’s too much authority to have in one person’s hands,” he said.

Ashcroft’s comments came a day after the Missouri GOP filed a lawsuit seeking to block Ashcroft from certifying McClanahan’s name on the ballot. The state party alleged in the lawsuit that it had previously asked Ashcroft to remove McClanahan, “but he refused to do so.” Ashcroft confirmed that on Friday.

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Ashcroft says he does not have authority to block candidate with KKK 'affiliation'

The top election official however said he was glad the Missouri GOP was seeking to remove the candidate and would not certify his name on the ballot if ordered by the courts.