Show-Me Citizen ID Coming Soon?!?

Politicos hope to make driver's licenses even more complicated to obtain . . . Which might be why the DMV is such a miserable place.

Still . . . 

This isn't such a bad idea inasmuch as it might elicit more July 4th freebies or something more tangible than a sticker that will make the plebs feel better about permanent shifts in the global market economy that rarely work to the advantage of the American working-class. 

Meanwhile, our Kansas City blog community remembers that Mayor Q is making his own IDs that help "new friends" get a bank account and get their utilities going despite this imaginary Missouri crackdown. 


"The bill, which needs another vote of approval to move to the Senate, is part of an effort by GOP lawmakers nationwide who fear more immigrants could lead to noncitizens voting a practice that is already federally prohibited.

"Experts say noncitizen voting in federal elections remains exceedingly rare. Federal law also requires states to regularly maintain their voter rolls and remove anyone ineligible, a process that identifies immigrants living in the country illegally.

"Still, Ohio enacted legislation similar to Missouri's last year requiring that drivers licenses and state ID cards indicate an individuals citizenship status. Thats after Ohio voters banned noncitizen voting at the local level.

"The idea behind the measures is that symbols of citizenship on IDs will help election officials easily identify potential noncitizens and stop them from voting."

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Fears of noncitizens voting prompt GOP state lawmakers in Missouri to propose driver's license label

All Missouri driver's licenses would be labeled with a U.S. citizenship stamp under a bill approved Tuesday by House members over fears of noncitizens voting.