Show-Me Another Prudish & Doomed Missouri Drag Crackdown?!?

There was more support for "the war against drag queens" last year.

Since then . . . Legal defeats and voter push-back EVEN IN RED STATES have taken the steam out of self-righteous indignation over drag performances that was mostly sparked by frenetic online talkers.

Reality check . . . Regulating public performances, expression & free speech is tricky business and even our right-wing pals understand that vague definitions might threaten free speech and certainly wouldn't hold up in court.

Nevertheless . . .

Here's another upcoming showdown that we can only hope will inspires many drag queens to make the trip to Jeff City in full regalia . . . Check-it:

On Wednesday the Missouri House Special Committee on Public Policy will hold a public hearing for HB1650. The bill, introduced by Representative Mazzie Christensen (R-Bethany), would criminalize drag performances and penalize businesses who allow drag shows.  

Under Christensen’s bill, any commercial business (including nightclubs, bars, and restaurants) that allows drag performances would be deemed sexually explicit, says Shira Berkowitz, senior director of public policy for PROMO Missouri, a nonprofit advocating for LGBTQ+ rights.

That classification would subject the businesses to extra restrictions and zoning ordinances, they say.

The bill also says that drag performers, and anyone caught participating in a drag show at a public/”child friendly venue,” could be charged with a felony.

The bill adds new verbiage that would apply to drag to what Missouri has long termed “sexually oriented businesses.” Instead of using the term drag, it hides its meaning behind the term “adult cabaret performance” — “A performance that appeals to a prurient interest in a location other than an adult cabaret that features topless dancers, go-go dancers, exotic dancers, strippers, male or female impersonators who provide entertainment, or similar entertainers, regardless of whether performed for consideration.”

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Missouri Bill Could Make It a Felony to Perform in Drag in Public Places

Anyone who performs in drag at places other than "adult cabarets" could face arrest