Show-Me AG Bailey Crackdown On Violent Youngster Offenders

Given the recent spike in local crime committed by young people . . . This investigation into greater consequences for youth crime seems worthy of consideration.

Here's the word and more reporting . . .

“There needs to be additional violent offenses added to the statute that requires a certification hearing,” Bailey said during an interview at his St. Louis office. “We need to be having more certification hearings when we have instances of carjacking, property crimes that involve any kind of act of violence, armed criminal action, those sorts of offenses.”

Judges in juvenile court now have the discretion to order a certification hearing for any juvenile defendant who is charged with a crime that would be a felony if committed by an adult.

“This won’t automatically expand the number of youth certified, but at least we'll have a better understanding of what's driving this criminal behavior and whether or not we have appropriate systems in place to remedy it,” Bailey said. “We're not doing these youth any favors by turning a blind eye to violent crime."

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Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey calls for changes to juvenile justice system

Missouri prosecutors could charge more minors as adults under changes proposed by Attorney General Andrew Bailey. "We're not doing these youth any favors by turning a blind eye to violent crime," Bailey says.