Senator Hawley Seyz 'All Of Us Are In Danger' From Illegal Immigration

Like it or not . . . If he's factoring in wage loss and the worsening odds TKC has confronted when ordering delicious-smelling tamales out of some lady's semi-legal food truck . . . He's probably right.

Here's his election year argument in the shadow of the wall they never built . . .

“Tell that to the good Missourians who were attacked and stabbed in O’Fallon, Missouri by an illegal immigrant,” Hawley adds.

“We’ve got more and more reports all across the state of folks getting attacked by illegal immigrants, having acts of violence committed against them by illegal immigrants. And that’s before we talk about the drugs that are pouring into every single school district in Missouri, across the southern border, run by the cartels.

“All of us are in danger. No family in the state, sadly, is safe. No school district is exempt. No community is removed from the dangers of illegal immigration and the total chaos – I mean total chaos – that it is forcing on this country. It is time to close that border. We are a sovereign nation. It’s time to close the border and start protecting our people.”

Neither are Missourians’ jobs safe from “the worst of these multinational corporations,” he says, pointing to Tyson’s decision to close a plant in Iowa and two in Missouri, as well as others, while moving to hire illegal immigrants elsewhere.

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'All of us are in danger': Sen. Josh Hawley warns no family, no community in Missouri is protected from illegal immigrant crime

While other municipalities around the country were declaring themselves sanctuary cities to protect illegal immigrants from federal authorities, the O'Fallon, Missouri city council voted unanimously...