Rock Chalk Prog Blog Screed Submits To Plastic Bag Crackdown

Amongst Kansas progressives . . .

The urge to surrender to Eco-ideas is surprisingly strong and that should be troubling given that there are, in fact, many conservatives and libertarians who also believe in . . . Environmental conservation.

Meanwhile . . . 

It was kinda painful to read a grown man grab ankle so quickly for grocery store policy:

"As citizens and responsible adults, we must be willing to separate our personal reactions in the moment from a broader, objective understanding of the situation. Sure, we may not like something. We may not understand something. We may, in fact, find something actively distressing.

"But it could still be beneficial."

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I loathe Lawrence's new plastic bag ban with a fiery passion. It's still a good idea, though. * Kansas Reflector

As of March 1, Lawrence shoppers need to bring their own bags to the grocery store, or use paper sacks instead. And I hate it.