Report: Climate Change Worsens Constant Kansas City Wildfire Risk

Actually . . . Horrible wildfires have been part of regional history and spoken word traditions for hundreds of years.

Still . . . Science offers us something to fear in this report . . . Check-it:

“As Kansas City continues to spread out and we move into more of the rural areas, I think our risk is actually going to be very similar to what we’re seeing out west,” State fire management officer Bill Waln said. “We’re going to see fires starting to impact some of the fringes of the Kansas City area and the metro area right away.”

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Kansas City's wildfire risk is increasing due to climate change and urban sprawl

Kansas grasslands provide a unique wildfire risk that's heightened by increasingly warmer temperatures in all seasons. A rainy, overcast day can pivot to prime conditions for an active fire spread within 24 hours.