Police Confront 'Organized Retail Crime' Crisis At Oak Park Mall

Our 2nd favorite local blog wants to downplay the issue but, thankfully, the quotes they where able to garner from law enforcement stayed on point . . . Here's the word on a situation that might get even worse this Summer . . . Check-it:

For Overland Park police officials, it’s “organized retail crime” that has them most concerned.
In both the January and March Public Safety Committee meetings, police department leaders described what they called rings of individuals who travel around or work together to steal large quantities of items to then resell for profit.

The “landscape of retail crime has changed,” Capt. Burvee, with the department’s property crimes unit, said during the March 13 committee meeting.

Broadly, organized retail crime is considered “any theft that has three or more participants in an active theft … who steals with the intent to resale,” Overland Park Police Public Information Officer John Lacy said in an email.

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