Overland Park Starbucks Stays Winning Union Vote After Legal Fight

Golden Ghetto coffee comes with a bit of collective bargaining glory this morning.

Check this update on a longstanding slap fight that MIGHT mean one less corporate coffee location in the very near future . . . Meanwhile . . . We maintain that QT's offerings are better and have far less sugar. Also, locally owned places are the best spots to splurge for a candy bar in a cup as we enter the cruel "frap" season for the burdens so many cowtown baristas who struggle to keep up their snide attitude when forced to toil away mixing whipped cream and syrup all day. 


"With a unanimous 14-0 voted Wednesday the workers joined 400 stores and 10,000 workers who have unionized with Starbucks Workers United in less than three years.

"Workers prevailed after a legal battle in which Starbucks contested a previous union election at the store."

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Overland Park Starbucks baristas win union election

Workers at the 75th Street and I-35 Starbucks store became the 2nd Starbucks location in Kansas to join Starbucks Workers United.