Nobody Trusts Downtown Kansas City Stadium Parking Projections

Local news is taking note of this town's cynical side and more doubt that shouldn't be dismissed but rather examined, studied and continually debated.

Here's an issue that our blog community has been raising for WEEKS . . .

"When we asked if those spaces are already in-use by commuters, a spokesperson on the issue shared their perspective that most spaces are empty at night and during weekends when the majority of games will be played.

"There is some skepticism in that assessment."

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Parking spaces for downtown Royals stadium not clear cut

Downtown parking was presented as an asset when the Royals revealed their preferred site as the former Kansas City Star building

Downtown Kansas City residents express concern over parking amid large events

Residents of downtown Kansas City are feeling the impact of large events on parking, raising concerns about the potential move of the Royals downtown.

Developing . . .