Newsflash: Kansas City Stadiums Are Pricey, Fancy & Overbuilt

We don't argue with any of these statements . . . But they don't really advance the recent conversation and tell us anything that we don't already know . . . Instead . . . Many amongst our local newsie class are working diligently to help the local tax fighters chase the Royals out of city limits.


At Kansas City’s own publicly funded Arrowhead Stadium, the Hunt family enjoys a multilevel six-bedroom, three-bathroom luxury suite, complete with a spiral staircase, a fireplace and stained-glass windows.

The best way to prevent the gold plating effect, Propheter said, is to make sure everyone is paying for their own decisions — which means that the government gets involved in design decisions.

But there’s also a much simpler answer.

“If you want to minimize gold plating, minimize the subsidy,” he said. “Smaller subsidies mean smaller gold plating.”

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What do the Royals need taxpayer money for? Economists warn of 'opulent' upgrades at new ballpark

On April 2, Jackson County voters will decide whether to give Royals $1 billion to construct a ballpark in the Crossroads Arts District. But the team has yet to share its full plan for funding the stadium, and experts warn that lack of transparency could lead to extra spending on unnecessary upgrades.