Mugshot & More Deets Following Deadly Kansas City Super Bowl Rally Mass Shooting

We posted the presser and follow-up links yesterday . . . Here's a bit more reporting and even more terrifying description of the scene . . . Check-it:

(Jackson County Prosecutor) Peters Baker said everyone that officials have identified as shooting a firearm at the rally has been taken into custody.

Although all alleged shooters are in custody, Peters Baker said additional charges are still expected. Federal court documents said 12 people pulled firearms and at least six fired their weapons.

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Third suspect charged with murder in Kansas City parade shooting

A third man was charged with second-degree murder Thursday in connection with the deadly shooting during the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl rally.

Another adult and teen charged in Chiefs parade shooting

Another adult is now facing charges Thursday in the deadly shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl parade and rally on Feb. 14.

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