Missouri GOP Not Really So 'Divided' About More Money For Ukraine War

Here's the thing . . . Other than some low-rent examples . . . This article actually disproves its premise:

Missouri Republicans seem to overwhelmingly oppose more cash for war in Ukraine and that aligns with sentiments expressed by GOP front-runner former Prez Trump. 

Once again we notice our progressive public radio pals ready to split the difference on public sentiment when they don't like the way its going . . . Still, the expert write-up is worth checking out:

On a recent Friday evening in Kansas City, U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley was rolling through an impassioned speech to attendees of Missouri Republican Party Lincoln Days when he took exception to funding the war in Ukraine.

“While we can't hire more police officers, while drugs are pouring into our schools, while our wages are flatlining, while our jobs are going overseas, while we are here and suffering while America is crumbling to pieces, they want to fund the borders of Ukraine,” Hawley said. “And you know, pardon my language, but my view is hell no.”

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Missouri elected officials and candidates are divided over continued Ukraine support

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley is one Republican who has been especially vocal against the United States financially backing Ukraine in its war against Russia.