Missouri AG DEI Investigation Into Assault On Student Sparks Allegations Of Racism

Nationwide outcry over brutality seen in Missouri schools has sparked a political firestorm. 

Sadly . . . 

Some of the discourse focuses ire against a conservative politico and not the horrific act of violence that caused permanent injury to a student. 

Here's the latest in this tragedy . . .

Hazelwood School District lawyer Cindy Reeds Ormsby said in a Tuesday letter to Bailey that his “obvious racial bias against majority minority school districts is clear.”

“Do you honestly believe, again, without any official verification or specific knowledge, that the fight on March 8th was a result of a racial issue between the female students that was caused by the HSD belief in the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion for all?” Ormsby wrote. “What community do you represent as the Missouri Attorney General? Do you represent all citizens of Missouri? Or only the white citizens?”

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Missouri attorney general is accused of racial bias for pinning a student fight on diversity program

Days after Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey blamed an after-school fight on a school district's diversity programming, a lawyer for the majority Black district in suburban St.

Somewhat related in terms of more criticism against the AG . .

Missouri AG sues Media Matters in lawsuit echoing Elon Musk's complaints

Media watchdog slams "meritless, expensive, and harassing investigations."

Developing . .