Mayor & Council Fear 'Spare City Manager' DEI Power Move

There's always somebody waiting in the wings to climb atop a powerful politico or bureaucrat in the event of a setback. 

Accordingly . . . 

In this note sent by an AWESOME TKC TIPSTER . . . We get a look behind the scenes at a conflict that Mayor Q and his loyalists wanted to avoid as they rushed a contract following a sketchy story about the departure of a controversial 12th & Oak boss . . . Here's the word:

Spare City Manager Not Good Enough?

City Manager Brian Platt is being offered a contract extension in the throes of him interviewing for the city manager post in Austin. The bookish Mayor Lucas seems intent on keeping Platt. But why would the rest of the Council go along? Word is a particular assistant city manager is waiting in the wings to take Platt’s place, but her skills are very limited, and her list of accomplishments is woefully short… unless you count participation trophies.

The 9-4 vote was because the "no's" wanted a DEI hire. But is that good enough now at City Hall? It seems not. So Platt will be rewarded to stay and he likely will. But to the ACM waiting in the wings… that contract extension is pretty much proof you’re being passed over.

The bottom line is the Council knows its bench is small if Platt leaves and no one especially Mayor Q wants to repeat the last fiasco where an interim City Manager without results sits on the 29th floor for a year.

With the World Cup and Royals Stadium coming up, the Council knows it's screwed without Platt.  

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City Manager Brian Platt's future remains unclear despite Kansas City Council ordinance

A KCMO City Council ordinance authorizing contract negotiations with City Manager Brian Platt says he would withdraw from consideration for the same job in Austin but it's unclear if he did.

One finalist in Austin's city manager search could be dropping out, reports say; mayor says not yet

One finalist for Austin's city manager search could be dropping out, according to media reports, although Austin Mayor Kirk Watson says Brian Platt has not yet officially dropped out.

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