KK Condemns Community Benefits 'Bribe' Amid Downtown Stadium Talks

The conservative talker doesn't seem to like so much talk of cash for neighborhoods.

To be fair . . .

This kind of right-wing outrage once sparked more ire amongst the working-class until the federal bank bailout of 2008-2009 when government handed over Wall Street juggernauts TRILLIONS in order to keep the global economy afloat. Remember the suits were "too big to FAIL." 

Closer to home and a bit more recently . . . 

Missouri has given $5.2 billion in subsidies to private businesses. This gives Missouri the dubious distinction of being the ninth most generous state in terms of corporate welfare.

None of this is fair . . . But it's now the world works. 

Nevertheless . . .

We're not disagreeing with KK . . . Just adding more context to a conversation about so much free money the flowing from the government AND that people who tout "capitalism" over socialism are really just showing us HOW MUCH THEY DON'T KNOW about corporate subsidies.

Still . . . It would be a mistake to realize that a lot of people feel the same way as KK when they hear about community benefits . .  .

"When did the stadium vote become a giant liberal grift for "community benefits" that will lead to corruption and theft and no real benefit?  We used to call these things bribes and this one is right out in the open as the Royals and Chiefs try to get their billion dollars.  And the people getting the free money, of course, are complaining it's not enough."

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Legendary Dem operative James Carville is speaking the truth to his party when he says "preachy females" are taking over the party and leading it to ruin. I call them "Swifties" but you know exactly who we are talking about.