Kansas Studies Road Use Charge

Looking ahead and past the current fuel tax . . . Rock chalk science tests efforts for how they'll keep their cut of transit cash in the future.


"KDOT is proactively exploring whether a pay-per-mile road usage charge (RUC) could be a sustainable, long-term funding source for transportation in the state. KDOT, in partnership with Minnesota Department of Transportation, is utilizing federal grant money available to the states to study potential alternative approaches to transportation funding. To date, most states exploring RUC are on the East and West coasts — and Kansas is adding a Midwest perspective to this national conversation."

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KDOT launches study on pay-per-mile road usage charge to replace fuel tax

(KOAM) - The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) announces the launch of a three-month pilot study exploring whether a pay-per-mile road usage charge (RUC) could potentially replace the current state

KDOT looking at alternative to gas tax to fund roads

The department is seeking volunteers to participate in a road usage survey.

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