Kansas Lobbyists Must Sign Their Work

Just a bit of good government work as Kansas transparency in the lower house is just a bit groundbreaking and should be the standard across the nation . . . Check-it:

The Kansas House is making it a little easier for the state's residents to find out who wants what from its members. Besides a number and official sponsor, each bill now lists who asked for it, be it a lawmaker at someone else's request or an individual lobbyist for a specific client. The change started in January.

It's an unusual move for any state legislature. While at least a handful of states require lobbyists to list specific bills of interest to them in reports open for public inspection, the Council of State Governments knows of no other state legislative chamber that's actually listing lobbyists and groups on its bills — not even the Kansas Senate.

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In the Kansas House, when lobbyists ask for new laws, their names go on the bills

The Kansas House has taken an unusual step this year to add transparency to its legislating and make it easier for the general public to know who's pushing what.