Kansas Legislature Hopes Outlaw Cruel Unalive Encouragement

This effort has the best of intentions that might run into 1st Amendment challenges and also takes aim at the favorite insult of everyone on the Internets in the 1990s. 

Meanwhile . . . "Die in a fire" remains a completely acceptable substitution. 

Accordingly, here's another political gesture that hopes to confront rising American cruelty and desperation:

"On Wednesday, March 6, the Kansas Legislature considered Substitute House Bill 2676 which would make it a crime to encourage suicide and provide criminal penalties for those who do.

"According to the bill’s text, if passed, it would become illegal to encourage anyone else to commit or attempt to commit suicide when the victim has communicated a desire to do so. The crime would be a level 5, person felony if the person attempts to commit suicide and a severity level 4, person felony if the other person commits suicide."

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Kansas legislators consider bill that would criminalize encouragement of suicide

Kansas legislators are considering a bill that would make it a crime to encourage another person to take their own life, however, an amendment has been introduced that would also make it a crime to irresponsibly store firearms.