Kansas Lady Politico Trolls GOP With Erectile Dysfunction Argument

We love this turnabout for a variety of reasons but mostly because there should be more talk boners amid the political discourse . . . And women in suits discussing how and why "the flagpole" is raised makes us happy on general principle.

Sure . . . This is prog blog hype but we advise our readers to enjoy the election year slap-fighting and, obviously, refrain from taking this talking point too seriously:

Kansas state Rep. Stephanie Sawyer Clayton’s amendment proposed asking men whether they wanted medication to help conceive a child, better pleasure their partners, or combat any loss of confidence, stress, embarrassment, or shame that may have been caused by their inability to get an erection.

Republicans quickly objected, insisting that because the purpose of the questionnaire bill is to collect information for semi-annual state reports on abortion care, surveying men would be unnecessary. Speaking on the House floor, Sawyer Clayton disagreed with that limp line of logic.

“I do think erectile dysfunction is a scourge on the state of Kansas,” she said on Wednesday. “I think it causes issues when it comes to our very important birth rate.”

Underlying the snark is Sawyer Clayton’s belief that a law targeting one segment of the population for extra scrutiny is fundamentally discriminatory.

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