Kansas Guv Kelly Threatens Political Pushback In Support Of Medicaid Expansion

Actually .  . . 

Her tough talk on this issue should be welcomed. 

Reality check . . . Even our STRONGEST RED STATE FRIENDS CAN'T DENY BROKEN AMERICAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS . . . And the need for more help for the lower castes.

Here's the word and what might dominate the election year when crafty GOP denizens would rather fight about trans rules . . . Check-it: 

(Governor) Kelly, a second-term Democrat, threw down the gauntlet in a news conference in Liberal at Southwest Medical Center, Seward County’s only hospital. The first five times she tried to get the Kansas Legislature to expand Medicaid, she said, she took a bipartisan, collaborative approach.

“That hasn’t worked,” Kelly said, “so I decided this has become a political issue, so I will take a more political approach to it.”

Kelly spent last summer and fall touring the state and touting the benefits of Medicaid expansion to build pressure on Kansas lawmakers — all 165 of whom are up for reelection this fall. In December, she unveiled her latest Medicaid expansion proposal, which includes controversial work requirements, in an attempt to compromise with Republican lawmakers.

“At this point, any legislator standing in the way of Medicaid expansion is going against a commonsense, fiscally responsible proposal that benefits their constituents, their hospitals, their businesses, their community and our entire state,” Kelly said Monday.

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Kelly to Kansas lawmakers: 'No valid excuse' for not expanding Medicaid * Kansas Reflector

Gov. Laura Kelly urged the Kansas Legislature on Monday to expand Medicaid to provide health insurance coverage to 150,000 residents.