Kansas Debates $100K DEI Penalty

A recent Topeka conversation might resonate across the metro given the EPIC CASH at stake. 

Reporting seems to suggest that cost is so high that even some GOP denizens question the legislative power move.

Here are more deets:

Rep. Clarke Sanders, R-Salina, said he was concerned with the “little excessive” amount of a fine. He pointed to lack of clear definitions in the bill as to what DEI activities could be problematic for a college or university. A legislative audit indicated the six state universities devoted $9 million annually in public funding to DEI, which could include assistance for veterans to aid for minority students or individuals with disabilities.

Administrative fines were the central avenue to get the attention of college and university administrators stepping out of bounds, said Rep. Barb Wasinger, a Hays Republican.

“The only power the Legislature has over anything is money,” she said. “It is our responsibility to take care of the budget and manage the taxpayers’ money.”

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Kansas House pivots to DEI bill imposing $100,000 fines on offending public colleges, universities * Kansas Reflector

Kansas House committee plans to work a bill prohibiting most DEI activities involving faculty and students on public colleges and universities in Kansas.