Kansas City Wings: Spring Forward, Oscar Politics & Patriot Explosion

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Today's Reminder: Clock Always Ticking

Kansas City residents talk about the impact of Daylight Savings Time

Kansas Citians sprang forward on Sunday but many we talked to said that the one hour loss of sleep didn't bother them.

Good Deed Life Lessons

Impactful Women of KC: Christine Kemper and the Kansas City Girls Preparatory Academy

Christine Kemper is the founder and chair of the Kansas City Girl's Preparatory Academy, an all-girls charter school that opened in 2019.

Drive Carefully Even In Nicest Of Suburbs

3 dead in two separate Leawood crashes, including 1 pedestrian

Leawood Police report 3 people died Sunday morning in 2 separate car crashes at 135th St and Chadwick another at College Blvd and Mission Rd

Home Team Trades Cont'd

'They're phenomenal talents': Young Royals backstops beginning to catch on

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- There is a prevailing thought these days that developing young catchers might be the toughest thing a team can do. The high school catching segment of every Draft population is often considered to be as risky a pool to wade in as high school pitching. The Kansas

Baller Money Celebration Postscript

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs Stars Celebrate Chris Jones' $158.8M Contract Ahead of NFL FA

Many believed Chris Jones would have to find a new home this offseason with the Kansas City Chiefs facing salary-cap restraints. It turns out where there's a...

Not Quite Comedy

Why Jimmy Kimmel Is Being Slammed For 2024 Oscars Opening Monologue

Jimmy Kimmel kicked off the 2024 Oscars with a lengthy monologue, and fans of the awards show were not happy about it. The nighttime talk show host returned to host the 96th Oscars ceremony, making it the fourth time Kimmel has been given this honor. He previously hosted in 2017, 2018, and 2022.

White House Speaks Out Against Holy Land War

Biden critical of Israel as war continues

President Biden criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's tactics in his country's ongoing war in Gaza. Skyler Henry has more.

Far East Prepares For MAGA

China is worried about the return of Trump, but it also sees opportunities if he wins the 2024 election | CNN

As America bustled through key political moments last week, with voters casting Super Tuesday ballots and President Joe Biden laying out his national priorities in the State of the Union address, China was busy conducting the largest annual showing of its own political process.

Respectable Comeback Following Political Stump Speech Disguised As Jokes

Kimmel fires back at Trump criticism from Oscars stage: 'Isn't it past your jail time?'

Jimmy Kimmel is hitting back at Donald Trump live from the Oscars stage after the former president panned his hosting skills, cracking, "Isn't it past your jail time?" The ABC late-night TV host took to the stage at the 96th annual Academy Awards, quipping to the audience that he wanted to share a "review" about...

Vlad Strike Back

Russia 'destroys two $400m Patriot surface-to-air missile systems'

The Russians have called it the first video-confirmed destruction of the Patriot complex displayed by Ukraine. Each system costs $400million, while missiles can cost up to $6million each.

South Of Border Perspective

Mexico presidential candidate wants to move closer to US as leftist opponent prefers Cuba

During her recent visit to New York and Washington, D.C., Xóchitl Gálvez warned the U.S. about the risks facing the bilateral relationship and proposes a new route if she wins the presidency.

Faith Matters For Campaign Season

Biden, Trump platforms both clash with Catholic Church. So who will Catholic Latinos turn to?

The Trump and Biden campaigns have a delicate task ahead in courting socially conservative Latino Catholics, a group that's ideologically opposed to core tenets of either presidential pitch. Both platforms are rooted in stances that directly violate Catholic teachings. Former President Trump's rhetoric on immigrants and plans to curb the influx of migrants at the...

Bounce This Week

Men's Big 12 Tournament set to begin at T-Mobile Center

The men's Big 12 Tournament is set to begin in Kansas City for the 14th straight year as the regular season has came to an end.

Busby Brings Weather Science

A warm and sunny start to the week

A warm and sunny start to the week

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