Kansas City Wave: Auto Show & MAGA Rolls Back Social Security Cuts

Apropos for #TBT we remember Madonna in all of her public service glory when she encouraged youngsters to change the world with their vote and hoped that hardcore workouts would provide a viable alternative to plastic surgery. 

She was wrong on both counts but still inspires our peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Experience Kansas City EV Go-Karts

KC Auto Show parked at Bartle Hall this weekend

At the Electric Vehicle Experience, people can ride as passengers in various EVs around an indoor track. The KC Auto Show said this is a chance to educate consumers.

Improving Life In The Dotte

More than doctor visits, a $30 million Kansas City, Kansas, clinic plan comes with a hopefully better neighborhood

Like other federally qualified health clinics, Vibrant Health is increasing revenue and treating more of the area's poorest patients, helping stretch Medicaid dollars. Its plans for a new clinic would offer one-stop shopping for health care and social services.

Can We Fix Snail Mail?!?!

These Kansas City area lawmakers are fed up with late mail. They want USPS to 'pony up'

"If the Postal Service can't get their act together and get bills delivered on time, then they should pony up and pay the late fee," said Rep. Sam Graves, a Missouri Republican.

Community News Earns Prize

The Northeast News recognized by the Missouri Press Association | Northeast News

Once again, The Northeast News has been recognized by the Missouri Press Association in their statewide monthly magazine for their leading edge, community engagement efforts.The Northeast News has partnered with...

Followup On Foodie FAIL

Kansas City grocery store fined for failing to pay employees overtime

Kansas City, Kansas, grocery store Supermart El Torito paid more than $155,000 in back wages and damages after failing to pay 158 employees full overtime for hours worked.

Meth Town Life Lesson

Independence schools leader upbeat on 4-day weeks. Some teachers and parents have doubts

Teachers, families and students in Missouri's Independence School District are adjusting to a four-day school week this year. Superintendent Dr. Dale Herl said data shows benefits to the shorter school week, but opinions from parents and staff are mixed.

New Warehouse For Hipsters Coming Soon

Demo starts on West Bottoms building for $526M project

SomeraRoad Inc. has started tearing down the former Weld Wheel Industries Inc. building in its $526.7 million West Bottoms plan.

History Catching Up With Madge

'Politically incorrect. Sorry about that': Madonna apologises for telling wheelchair user to stand at concert

Awkward moment with fan happened during US leg of singer's Celebration tour

Prez Talks Worsening Global Trade Imbalance

Biden is coming out in opposition to plans to sell US Steel to a Japanese company

President Joe Biden is coming out in opposition to the planned sale of U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel of Japan.

MAGA Changes Directions

Trump vows he 'will never do anything' to Social Security after 'cutting' comment

Trump sought to make clear in a new interview that he will "never do anything that will jeopardize or hurt Social Security or Medicare"

Impolitic Decline

Hunter Biden Skewers GOP as He Turns Down Invite to Publicly Testify

In a statement to House Republicans, a lawyer for the president's son said he "declines your invitation to this carnival side show."

Progressively Worsening U.S. Relations With Holy Land

Schumer calls for new Israeli leader to replace Netanyahu in Senate floor speech

Schumer called for new elections in Israel in a floor speech on Thursday, saying this is the only option for a two state solution to move forward.

Eastern Europe Chaos Cont'd

Pro-Ukraine exiled Russian fighters launch cross-border raid into southern Russia

Members of the Siberia, Freedom of Russia Legion and RDK battalions work closely with the Ukrainian army

Another Musk Threat Feared

Dead satellites falling to Earth could weaken its magnetic field

Satellites burning up in the Earth's atmosphere such as SpaceX Starlink constellations could weaken its magnetic field, a new paper suggests

Absence Explained?!?

Prince William affair rumor hits mainstream media

Kensington Palace always denied rumors of a Prince William affair that major news organizations have now covered.

Old School Truth Or Dare

What Having Sex After Menopause Is Really Like

Menopause can cause painful sex and a lower libido, but that's not the case for everyone. Here, five people share how their sex life changed after menopause.

Lady Soccer Celebration

Even the Playing Field: History is made again with grand opening of CPKC Stadium

History is soon to be set-in-stone, as the Kansas City Current prepare to open the season in the first women's soccer stadium in the world.

Party Time Interrogatory

Four Inane Questions with KC St. Patrick's Day Parade President Vanessa Prewitt

Getting to know a little more about Vanessa Prewitt and her Irish roots, ahead of the 2024 Kansas City St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Small Biz Debates Hope Or Hype Near Downtown

Columbus Park welcomes KC Current fans, customers

Columbus Park, one of Kansas City's most historic neighborhoods, has been home to staple restaurants like Garozzo's for ages, but now a renaissance of new, budding businesses is moving in.

Irish Dishes Debut

Must-Try St. Patrick's Day Restaurants

Check out these must-try restaurants for St. Patrick's Day!

Forecast For Tonight


The latest on the severe weather that blew through the Kansas City area and what's next.

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