Kansas City Top Cop Reveals New Plan To Fight Crime: Will It Work!?!

Our TKC blog community talked about a new plan to fight historic & deadly crime last year and the only thing we really learned is that the KCPD Chief doesn't handle bloggy comment criticism as well as we'd hoped given her media credentials. 

More importantly . . .

This winter might have taught us that the arctic cold stops crime more effectively than any political idea or law enforcement endeavor.

But maybe that's a bit too cynical. 

Actually . . . 


Still . . .

There's a contradiction in the "release" of the new plan . . . 

The KCPD Chief emphasizes that this plan not really new . . . And that police are already implementing these tactics. That's cool but given the continued rate of local killing, mass shooting and violence: Wouldn't that imply that the strategy isn't effective or at least hasn't yet taken hold?!?!

We're not nitpicking . . . We're merely noting that mixed messages confuse the goal: Reducing crime.

In fact . . .

It's fair for locals to want NEW tactics given that whatever Kansas City tried in 2023 clearly didn't work. 

And so . . . 

We'd like for our blog community to cypher this one, share criticism, ideas, analysis and whatever insight that might help . . . Or at least help our understanding. 

Here's a passage from the intro . . . Another note from the Chief and then another link to the plan:

This report summarizes the Kansas City Police Department’s plan to reduce and prevent crime while building trust and legitimacy in the eyes of the public. The plan utilizes three key strategies that seek a balance between prevention and enforcement, as well as short- and long-term tactics.

The primary strategies that comprise the plan are:

• Data-Informed Community Engagement (DICE)
• Data-Driven Deployment
• Focused Deterrence

And now . . . 

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link and accompanying note from the top cop . . .

Chief Graves Releases KCPD Crime Plan

Kansas City is facing challenges with rising violent crime. The key to ending the culture of violence in our city is in all of us, the people of Kansas City. To truly make a sustainable impact, we must take a city-wide approach to reducing violent crime and work together in both words and action to improve quality of life for all Kansas Citians and change the trajectory of violent crime. Every Kansas Citian should ask themselves what they can do or how they can contribute and work toward a safer, healthier city.

For those who say we need to hold offenders more accountable for their violent acts and for those who say we need more options that address the root causes of crime, you are correct on both accounts. While we can’t arrest our way out of the next generation of violent crime, we also can’t solely rely on well-intended programs to ensure safety from violent individuals in our city.

How can we work together? I’ve included a link to KCPD's crime plan that details what your police department is doing to fight crime in Kansas City. As you will see, there is opportunity for you to be a part of the solution. We are investing in our community partnerships to strengthen our relationships and expand policing resources that amplify the community’s voice. We are also working hand-in-hand with city and local leaders (Mayor, City Council, prosecutors, federal partners, faith-based, business, community, etc.), who are also committed to making Kansas City safer.

I want to make this clear. I am sharing this plan today because I want you to know we are working hard to build a better, safer Kansas City. Nothing is more important to us than your safety and well-being. And while I am sharing this plan now, we began carrying it out in 2023, shortly after I became the Chief. Additionally, this crime plan is a high-level view of evidence-based strategies fueled by data and analysis; it is not all-inclusive of our efforts to fight crime. No written document can quantify the impact of thousands of positive community interactions and great police work our members carry out each day.

With this plan and our community and local leaders, we are all moving forward together with momentum and strong will to reduce violent crime, making our city safer for all of us.


For those who didn't want to read that whole spiel . . . Click this link or the image for a view of the plan: 

You decide . . .